What is a Kai?

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Kai, are what does Kai mean, how is it pronounced and why did we choose to name him Kai? The answers to these questions and others are below in the official Kai FAQ.

What does Kai mean?

According to the Kai Wiki:

We chose the name Kai initially for the Hawaiian translation but then also due to the fact that in both of Kai's cultures, Western and Asian, Kai is pronouncable and has positive meanings.

How do you pronounce Kai?

We pronounce Kai like "Kie", "Kye", "Ki" (think Thailand, or Thai for short).

An alternate spelling for Kai is "Ky" but we didn't want him to be the butt of all the jokes related to the lubricant "KY Jelly"!

Kai's other Names

As with many people, Kai has more than one given name, in this case, Kai has two (well three) given names. His first name is Kai, his second name is Alexander, and his third is his mother's maiden name. The resulting name may be long but there was a reason for this. We couldn't decide on a single name for Kai. We liked Kai and Alexander equally well and loved the meanings for each of the names... so what could we do? Well we decided to give him both names, resulting in Kai Alexander. But now we had a dilemma, how do we keep his Asian heritage without giving him two names, a Chinese name and a Western name? To resolve this we added his mother's maiden name to his list of names (now his third name).